Master Online Ordering

A complete online ordering suite with all the tools restaurants need to expand their online ordering revenue and reduce costly errors.

All online delivery orders in one simplified list.

Remove the hassle of multiple tablets

Order List Consolidation.
View and print order details .
Connect as many services as you like.
Manage your incoming orders in real time.
Optional auto-confirmation of incoming orders.

Manage your menu, Manage your growth.

Master Menu Management
✔ Merge existing menu items with Menu Sync.
✔ Create & edit individual items for online ordering with Menu Sync.
✔ Adjust pricing specific to each service.
✔ Upload images universally or individually.
✔ Push your master menu to all 3rd party apps with Menu Sync.

All-in-One Device

Ordering Website – Take your Business to the next Level

Custom Ordering Website

Create an Ordering Website in Minutes!

Zero commission on website orders.
Increase margins.
Orders send directly to your device.
Build your website’s menu through our menu management system.
Reward programs for returning customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will my own ordering website generate more revenue?2021-02-11T21:37:35-08:00

A 2019 survey revealed that 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before they dine in or order. Many consumers want to see what’s on the menu before going further. This is a great opportunity to earn more business. Our included online ordering site allows them to browse your menu and order directly from you. These orders go directly into your order list and can be picked up or delivered by your staff. We also help you setup a connected loyalty rewards program to increase return business.

I don’t see my preferred delivery app. Will you be adding more?2021-02-11T21:39:14-08:00

Yes! We’re constantly working to integrate all of the most popular delivery services into our system. We see restaurants as important partners, so if an important delivery service you use is missing, let us know and we will work to get it integrated into our system.

How long does it take to set up?2021-02-11T21:42:38-08:00

We know our restaurant partners don’t have much free time, so we keep our setup time short and your stress levels low. Once you’re ready to begin, we ship our tablet device to you and make sure everything works once it arrives. A member of our restaurant partnership team will personally walk you through the initial setup. It does not take long.

How does orders.co make me money?2021-02-11T21:45:42-08:00

About 60% of U.S Consumers order food for delivery or takeout at least once a week and 31% use 3rd party apps. After 2020, the trend became a serious shift and we launched to help you adapt. By consolidating delivery services, takeout orders, & all digital menus, you’re free to accept orders from as many services as possible and increase revenue with fewer issues and commissions.


Join Master Online Ordering and the Universe of Satisfied Customers!

Premium Bundle

  • Order List Consolidation
  • Master Menu Management
  • Menu Sync
  • Batch & Reporting Features
  • All-in-One Hardware
  • Ticket Printing
  • Stylized Ordering Website
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

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