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Make informed decisions with Consolidate Restaurant Reporting Across all your online channels

A guy is speaks with his phone and stares to his tablet smiling.
A guy is speaks with his phone and stares to his tablet smiling.
Stop struggling to reconcile all your online receipts from separate sources. funnels all your restaurant financial reporting into one interface to help you
monitor performance and make smarter choices to grow your restaurant brand.

All Your Data
in One Place

Stay on top of your finances and measure the impact of online ordering.
Export all your order
reports to a single
spreadsheet and
cut down on
Custom Filters
Find out which
platforms are
performing better
with comparative
reporting filters.
Analyze Peak
Discover peak order
times and strategize
for more revenue
Various statistics are shown in charts.
of all restaurant sales in the United States are attributed to online ordering

Client Experiences

A guy wears glasses and looks at the camera while talking.
Pops Creamery
One of the coolest features is that you can edit and customize your online menu with a touch of a few buttons and it’s ready to go. I love how the work process became smoother after we started working with