Frequently Asked Questions creates an Admin account with access to all connected locations. Menu updates can be made to all stores from one account. Individual locations will also have access to their own menus for changes. communicates with delivery apps in multiple ways. We receive order information while sending confirmation & cancellation info, we import and export menus, as well as sales/reports. provides our All-In-One device; equipped with an integrated tablet and ticket printer.

You can integrate as many locations and concepts as you need.

Admin accounts have access to reporting for all connected locations and concepts. You can view reports with custom filters for all locations/brands, providers, or even view specific days. allows for both in-house and UberEats fulfillment on website orders.

Yes, submit a request to our 24/7 support team and a Menu QR code will be generated absolutely free of charge.

Restaurant partners can work with your optimization team to improve your Google ranking and gain exposure for your business.

Once your menu has been created in the Master Menu it is linked to your website and can be live in moments.

Currently, is partnered with Stripe for all online purchase processing. Restaurant partners looking to setup an ordering website are required to have or create a Stripe account.’s integration and setup takes around 1-2 weeks, depending on the current workload. For a more detailed estimate, contact a sales representative. has partnered with Stripe for all online credit card processing. All restaurant partners are required to create and pair․

Yes, has partnered with UberEats to offer delivery for restaurants that do not have delivery staff. The delivery fee will be charged directly to the customer at checkout. There is also an option for In-House delivery for restaurants with existing staff.

You can connect your existing ticket printer to the device in the settings panel. The printer must be internet compatible and be connected to the same network as the device. For a full list of compatible printers, contact our support team.

Ghost Kitchens are a unique new style of restaurant that primarily generate revenue through delivery-only channels. In doing so, many of these businesses will have multiple Brands across a variety of delivery platforms. This results in an abundance of tablets needed to manage menus and service orders. consolidates all of this into a single device. Generating one uniform order list for all connected stores. setup is free of charge. With 0 device or delivery fees.

All your integrated virtual stores are shown together in the “Orders” list. Next to each order is the Brand Name and Platform, so staff can easily identify every order.

An ordering site can be easily integrated into your existing website through the addition of an “Order Now” button. Customers can click this button and quickly be redirected to place their order.

Currently supports Grubhub, Postmates, UberEats, and DoorDash. With many more on the way. Restaurant partners are also encouraged to request new platform integrations.

Menu Sync links your Master Menu to all connected providers so that all updates are uniformly pushed everywhere. Saving you time and energy. has 24/7 technical and menu support teams to help our restaurant partners with anything they need. has 3 affordable plans based on your unique needs. You never have to pay for unnecessary features. See the “Pricing” page for a detailed breakdown.

Yes!’s Master Menu will allow you to set unique pricing on any given menu item for all providers.

All menu updates are pushed to your live menus in 1 hour or less. For more urgent updates, you can contact an representative. setup is free of charge. offers both Manual and Auto-Confirmation for incoming orders. Manual confirmation is given by default, as it allows for prep-time adjustments at confirmation, but a request for Auto can be made to our 24/7 support team at any time.

An ordering site can be easily integrated into your existing website through the addition of an “Order Now” button. Customers can click this button and quickly be redirected to place their order. works with a wide range of POS companies to directly inject orders from your various platforms directly into your POS System. Online orders are aggregated into our system and then pushed to your in-store device. offers a simple, yet effective, reporting suite that allows users to review a variety of reports on a range of metrix to optimize online operations. Administrators can also save custom filters to view specific platforms, item performance, or times with ease. provides our unique all-in-one device to every restaurant partner free of charge. An integrated tablet allows interaction with our full management system and an integrated printer makes order processing a breeze.’s Menu Sync allows in-store staff to update item availability with just one click for all connected platforms. Saving time and reducing costly errors. provides an abundance of daily operation benefits to employees from in-store to the administrative level. Admins can review reports from individual stores or a collective, making tough decisions near trivial. Ground level employees can save precious time fulfilling online orders by only needing to use one device. Lowering wait times for in-store customers and freeing up valuable counter space sales reporting automatically captures all sales process through our system and populates reports daily. Users can review these reports from an Admin account on the desktop version of the dashboard.

As long as the platform is supported by, you can integrate as many sales channels as you want! This includes hundreds of locations and virtual concepts. sales reporting is provided to restaurant partners on any of our subscription plans free of charge. sales reports offer a variety of filters for sales optimization, including, but not limited to, top selling items, sales by hour, and sales by provider.

Restaurant partners can generate reports with their desired filters and save them as presets. Allowing for quicker access of important information in the future. Custom filters can be specified down to a particular day or sales channel.