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Transform Customer Engagement with
a Robust restaurant loyalty rewards program

A couple pays the restaurant bill via card and smiles at the waiter.
A couple pays the restaurant bill via card and smiles at the waiter.
Our AI-assisted restaurant loyalty program helps restaurants increase orders, grow
online revenue, and build customer relationships. Use AI insights to foster
relationships with your guests and make them feel special, and your
restaurant will remain their go-to choice.

Loyalty Reward

Transform customer engagement with our
revamped loyalty rewards program for restaurants,
granting customers rewards-per-dollar-spent.
Improve Customer
Increase Customer
Earn on
Every $ Spent
Increase Repeat
Draw More Traffic
to Your Restaurant Site
Offer a Customer
Signup Bonus
A mobile and the website interface mockups.
of loyalty members spend more money on each order to earn points

Client Experiences

Latha African Style BBQ restaurant.
Latha African Style BBQ
We've been working with Kevin [account manager], one-on-one, making sure we do things the right way. I can't complain, things are doing better, we are doing better. It's 75% improvement of what we had before.