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A girl is surfing the restaurant menu on her smartphone.
A girl is surfing the restaurant menu on her smartphone.
There is an alternative to boring restaurant paper menus! Give your diners an
interactive experience with custom-designed digital menus, beautiful
photos, and the ability to choose their food ahead of time.

Available for Web
and Mobile App

The free QR menu tool transforms your restaurant menus into interactive and transactional assets that will impress your diners and expedite
Kitchen Service
Diners can scan QR
code for menu and pick out
their items before
their server arrives.
Menu Edits Are
a Snap
Instantly update
your restaurant menus from
mobile app.
For Everyone
Compatible with all
smartphones, making
restaurant ordering easy and
reducing the need for
printed menus.
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Take pictures
of Dishes
A mockup of a smartphone.
Easy Menu
Scan QR Code
& Browse Menu
A plate of vegetables.
of restaurants include QR codes on tables

Give Your Restaurant Customers
The Service They Deserve

Allow sharing your menu on social media
Instant access to your menu
Grow your reach and exposure
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A young lady with blonde hair poses for a picture and looks at the camera.
With the help of the QR menu maker, we can now communicate better with our clients. Whenever they have a question about a specific dish, they scan the code and see how it looks.
FOH Manager @ dors craft beer & kitchen