Social Media Strategies for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Online Presence

The latest Barbie film caused massive hype among audience members of many age groups.  And restaurants couldn’t help but join in. Burger King Brazil unveiled its Barbie-themed burger with a pink sauce that made a perfect get-together lunch for movie-goers.  They also shared a reel on Instagram to generate buzz around the new meal.  This […]

Built to Last: Building a Resilient Business Model for Your Restaurant

Remember the first time you opened the doors of your restaurant? That kind of feeling is hard to replicate.  The closest feel-good emotion could be witnessing your restaurant expand and grow as the years go by. However, this requires careful initial planning by adopting a resilient restaurant business model.  So what does it take to […]

Going Green: Implementing Sustainable Practices for Restaurant Growth

The demigod named Maui could shapeshift into different creatures in Disney’s 2016 hit Moana. Though Maui had stolen a heart from an important goddess, he later helped Moana bring life back to her island after going through many challenges along their journey.  If only restoring such a balance was possible in the real world. Imagine […]

The Impact of Sustainability on Restaurant Growth

It’s Saturday night, and your restaurant is hosting a dinner party for Dave. He’s turning the big 3-0, so it’s a full house! Pizzas, drinks, fries, burgers, sandwiches….you name it. But of the 20 customers you had, only 10 of them managed to finish their plates. After the party, you get left with heaps of […]

Cutting-Edge Marketing Tactics for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Visibility

When we think about how marketing has changed over the past three years, we realize that digital marketing has made an immense leap in market size. In fact, reports point to an increase in the global digital advertising and marketing market size from $350 billion in 2020 to $786.2 billion by 2026.  This is no […]

Mastering Restaurant Finances: A Data-Driven Approach

Embracing the culinary realm’s exquisite flavors is a delight, yet beyond the delectable dishes lies a fundamental ingredient crucial to every successful restaurant business: mastering a restaurant’s financial health.  In this exploration, we dive into the pragmatic art of managing restaurant finances, where data reigns supreme.  If you’re an independent restaurant owner, join us as […]

Customer Experience Done Right: Success Stories from the Restaurant Industry

Knowing what your customers expect can be challenging in these times, especially with the advent of food trends like vegan cuisine and sustainable dining.  If you’re thinking about improving your customer dining experience or maintaining the same level of satisfaction, you’ve stumbled upon the right article! Whether you’re looking to become a franchise or you’re […]

The Success Story of Latha African Style BBQ: Merging African Cuisine and Tech in Portland

In the bustling world of food, there’s something magical about turning a lifelong passion into a sizzling success story. Meet Eutychus Kangarua, a true food aficionado with over 15 years of culinary experience. He’s the heart and soul behind Latha African Style BBQ, a food cart that brings the flavors of Africa to the streets […]

Exceeding Expectations: Enhancing Customer Experience to Drive Restaurant Growth

The pandemic greatly affected the way customers choose to dine. In 2023, many continue to opt for online deliveries while others still want to experience dining out in a restaurant. No doubt, for many, the feeling of sitting in a restaurant, surrounded by people, albeit strangers, can bring comfort and tranquility, especially for those who […]

Beyond Traditional Advertising: Innovative Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Expansion

In the ever-evolving culinary landscape, standing out amidst the flavor-filled competition requires a dash of creativity and a pinch of innovation. From food trucks that whisk flavors to unexplored corners to cozy cafes that beckon with charm, the secret to success lies in breaking the confines of conventional restaurant marketing strategy. As an independent restaurant […]

Thinking Big: Strategic Considerations for Scaling Your Restaurant

Sales in the US restaurant food industry is forecasted to reach $997 billion in 2023. So if you’re looking to reach new heights with your business, now is the time to grasp the opportunities in front of you. A passionate independent restaurant owner like yourself shouldn’t be swayed by negative propaganda and fake news about […]

Strategic Growth: Success Stories from Expanding Restaurants

Ever wondered how Mcdonald’s and Burger King became the giants they are today? It wasn’t voodoo, hokum, or magic fairy dust that transformed the small stores into huge franchises. But a lot of setbacks, real estate purchases, and innovative menu ideas.  The road to success is paved only sometimes. A few times, it’s full of […]