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Essential Mexican Restaurant Supply: Equipping Your Kitchen

Nairi BodroumianNairi Bodroumian
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Mexican Restaurant Supply

Mexican food is no longer confined to simple tacos and burritos.

It now enjoys a global spotlight, celebrated for its rich flavors, diverse ingredients, and vibrant presentation.

This culinary tradition is not just about satisfying hunger; it represents a significant part of Mexico’s cultural identity.

UNESCO has even recognized Mexican cuisine as a valuable cultural heritage of humanity.

If you want to open a Mexican restaurant, you must first have the right Mexican restaurant supply in your kitchen.

In this guide, we’ll share the essential Mexican restaurant supply, helping your independent restaurant meet the customers’ growing expectations and maintain the authenticity that makes Mexican cuisine so beloved.

Essential Mexican Restaurant Equipment for Cooking

The right cooking equipment can make all the difference. Here are some essential tools that every Mexican restaurant kitchen should have:

  • Comal: A flat griddle perfect for making tortillas, roasting chiles, and searing meats. It’s a versatile piece of equipment that adds authenticity to your dishes.
  • Tortilla Press: What’s Mexican cuisine without fresh tortillas? They’re a staple, featuring in 89% of Mexican dishes. And to make a fresh tortilla perfectly every time, you need a tortilla press. You can create perfectly round tortillas with a simple press, ensuring your dishes taste authentic.
  • Molcajete: A traditional mortar and pestle used for grinding spices and making salsas. The rough surface of the molcajete adds texture and depth to your sauces, enhancing the flavor of your dishes.
  • Tamale Steamer: For making a traditional Mexican dish – tamale, a tamale steamer is a must-have. This large pot with a steaming rack ensures that your tamales cook evenly and retain their delicious flavors.
  • Fryer: Perfect for making crispy treats like churros and taquitos, a fryer is essential for any Mexican restaurant kitchen. Whether you’re frying up appetizers or desserts, a reliable fryer always ensures consistent results.
  • Rice Cooker: Necessary for preparing perfectly cooked rice, a primary side dish in many Mexican meals. It ensures consistent texture and flavor, making it easy to serve up fluffy, delicious rice.

Specialty Preparation Tools

Let’s now see some specialty preparation tools that add finesse to your dishes:

  • Nixtamal Grinder: Essential for processing corn into masa, the base for tortillas and tamales. This tool ensures the authenticity and freshness of your corn-based dishes, strengthening their flavor and texture.
  • Tortilla Warmer: A must-have for keeping tortillas warm and pliable throughout your meal service. Whether you’re serving up tacos, enchiladas, taco salads, or quesadillas, a tortilla warmer ensures that every bite is as delicious as the first.
  • Quesadilla Maker: Perfect for creating golden, crispy quesadillas. This specialized tool simplifies the cooking process, ensuring that your quesadillas are always cooked to perfection, with gooey cheese and flavorful fillings.
  • Commercial Food Processor: Ideal for quickly and efficiently chopping, pureeing, and blending ingredients for salsas, sauces, and other Mexican dishes. This versatile tool saves time and ensures consistent results in your kitchen.

Key Serving Equipment

Mexican restaurant equipment and ingredients alone aren’t sufficient to maintain the true essence of Mexican cuisine.

You must also pay attention to the serving accessories. Some of the most important ones for serving up authentic Mexican fare are:

  • Chafing Dishes: Essential for keeping dishes warm on the buffet or serving line. Whether it’s rice, beans, or savory meats, chafing dishes ensure that your food stays at the perfect temperature for your guests to enjoy.
  • Mexican Tableware: Spice up your presentation with traditional Mexican plates, bowls, and utensils. These pieces add flair to your table settings and immerse your diners in the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.
  • Taco Holders: Keep your tacos upright and presentable with taco holders. These handy tools prevent your tacos from toppling over, allowing your guests to enjoy every bite without the mess.

Essential Storage Solutions for Mexican Restaurants

Let’s not forget about another essential Mexican restaurant supply – storage solutions.

Here are some key storage options for your kitchen:

  • Refrigeration Units: These are essential for keeping perishable Mexican food like meats, dairy, and fresh produce at safe temperatures. Investing in reliable refrigeration units ensures that your ingredients stay fresh and your dishes taste delicious.
  • Dry Storage Bins: Perfect for storing dry goods like beans, rice, spices, and dried chilies. These bins keep your ingredients organized and easily accessible, ensuring you always have what you need to create authentic Mexican dishes.
  • Spice Racks: Essential for organizing your collection of spices and seasonings. A well-organized spice rack makes it easy to find the ingredients you need while cooking, ensuring that your dishes are perfectly seasoned every time.

Where to Buy Mexican Restaurant Supplies

Now that you know the list of your Mexican restaurant supplies and equipment, the next step is to consider where to source them.

Here are some of the trusted suppliers specializing in Mexican restaurant equipment in the US:

Chefs’ Toys: A reliable source for Mexican kitchen needs, including supplies like tortilla presses, taco shell makers, and more.

TundraFMP: Known for its wide selection of restaurant equipment, TundraFMP offers everything from a cheese dispenser to a taco holder for your taco truck.

WebstaurantStore: With a vast inventory of restaurant supplies, WebstaurantStore is another go-to destination for Mexican restaurant equipment.

Maintenance and Longevity of Mexican Restaurant Equipment

Regularly take care of your Mexican restaurant supplies to ensure they stay in top condition and serve you well for years.

Here are some specific tips:

Comal and Griddles: After each use, wipe down your comal and griddles with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution. Mildly wipe them with a thin layer of oil. Inspect the surface regularly for any cracks or signs of wear.

Tortilla Presses: Clean your tortilla press after each use to prevent dough buildup, which can affect performance and hygiene.

Fryers: Regularly filter the oil in your fryer to remove food particles that can degrade the oil quality and affect the taste of your fried dishes.

Don’t forget to have service contracts for your equipment to save you time and money in the long run. Regular maintenance by professionals can prevent major issues with the tools.

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After setting up your Mexican restaurant and equipping your kitchen with essential tools and equipment, the next crucial step is facilitating your operations with a robust restaurant management platform like

With over 47,000 Mexican Restaurants in the US, staying ahead is crucial. How to make sure customers will choose your website to order from. creates a custom ordering website to showcase your Mexican restaurant effectively. You’ll have a new platform that allows commission-free direct selling, attaches loyalty programs and AI marketing, offers direct ordering, and sets up exclusive menus, all customizable with up to 10 templates.

You can also consolidate all your orders from various delivery apps into a single device, facilitating your workflow and reducing the potential for errors.

Keeping your menu up-to-date and consistent across platforms can be daunting, especially with the diverse offerings typical of a Mexican restaurant. makes menu management effortless: adjusting prices, updating descriptions, or adding new items like fresh tortilla dishes, all from one central location.

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