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Nairi Bodroumian

Nairi Bodroumian


Knowledge is power, they say. And this applies to every business. For this reason, I intend to provide restaurant managers with the latest trends, tips, and tricks to help them grow their restaurant business and achieve their desired goals.


Mexican restaurant kitchen

Layout and Design Tips for a Mexican Restaurant Kitchen

Pizza ad

Crafting an Effective Pizza Ad: Strategies For Attracting Customers

American Restaurant

How Much Money Do You Need to Start an American Restaurant?

Pizza Names

Choosing Funny Pizza Names: Adding Humor to Your Pizza Brand

Mediterranean restaurants names

Creative Mediterranean Restaurant Names: Finding the Perfect Fit 

restaurant conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution in the Food Service Industry: Best Practices

Mexican Restaurant Ideas

Creative Mexican Restaurant Ideas: Setting Your Business Apart

mediterranean restaurant business

A Comprehensive Guide To Starting Your Mediterranean Restaurant Business

A cashier smilingly starting at the cashier monitor.

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Running a Restaurant: From Chargebacks to Unexpected Expenses

Pepperoni pizza.

How to Start a Pizza Business: Step-by-Step Guide

A chef in uniform conversing with a woman.

Chargeback Trends in the Restaurant Industry

A vibrant table showcasing a variety of Mexican delicacies, bursting with colors and flavors.

Tapping into the Mexican Food Market: Trends and Opportunities

A waiter talks with a customer, sitting with a girl in a restaurant.

The Impact of Chargebacks on Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line: What You Need to Know

6 burgers, placed next to each other on the wooden board American flag in the background.

How to Start an American Restaurant Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

A person holds a mobile phone in a colorful background.

A Curated List of the Best Restaurant Review Websites for 2024

A robot holding a plate of food in front of a buffet, showcasing a variety of dishes.

10 Benefits of AI for Restaurants to Achieve Operational Excellence and Customer Delight

A spread of Asian cuisine dishes on a table, including sushi, dumplings, and stir-fry

Designing Your Chinese Menu: Tips and Template Ideas for a Mouthwatering Presentation

Restaurant worker in apron typing on laptop.

Best Restaurant Management Software for Your Business in 2024

A girl happily holds a credit card, radiating joy with her smile as she confidently poses for the camera.

Quick and Easy Loyalty Program Software Integrations for Your Restaurant to Strengthen Brand Loyalty

A restaurant cashier in an apron is preparing food.

Discover the Best Online Ordering Systems for Seamless Restaurant Operations

A Chinese restaurant interior.

From Concept to Reality: Steps to Launching Your Successful Chinese Restaurant Franchise

A chef is cooking in a Chinese restaurant kitchen.

Understanding the Chinese Restaurant Industry for Business Success

A Chinese restaurant interior.

Chinese Restaurant Names: Creative Ideas for Your Restaurant

A Chinese lantern hanging in a Chinese restaurant.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening Your Dream Chinese Restaurant

A laptop placed on the restaurant table.’s Guide to the Best Review & Listing Sites for Restaurants

The magnifier with some icon is placed on the restaurant table next to a shot of a drink.

Restaurant Data Consistency Across Listings: Why Accurate Information Matters

A chef is making an Italian pasta.

Crafting the Perfect Italian Dining Experience

Bottles of wine in a row.

How to Build a Wine List for an Italian Restaurant

An Italian pizza pepperoni.

The Art of Crafting an Authentic Italian Menu

Italian restaurant interior with warm colors.

Italian Restaurant Design: Creating an Inviting Ambiance

Restaurant interior with fresh colors.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Italian Restaurants

Outdoor space of the Italian restaurant.

Selecting the Perfect Location for Your Italian Eatery

A pasta with tomato and red chili peppers.

Starting Your Italian Restaurant: A Comprehensive Guide

A pasta with tomatoes, basils, garlic and parmesan on the table.

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Italian Restaurant: A Creative Guide

6 starts are put on the wood.

Protecting Your Reputation: Strategies for Effective Restaurant Review Management

A restaurant waiter in apron is smiling and looking at the camera.

Unlocking Potential: Innovative Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

Putting his hand under his jaw, a young man with a T-shirt sits near the restaurant table and is thinking.

Disputes Management for Restaurants: Tactics to Prevent Chargeback Issues

There is a plate on the table with a fork, some French fires, and a lemon with an unhappy face painted on it.

Customer Complaints: Tips for Restaurants to Satisfy Unhappy Customers

A restaurant interior with lights and plants.

How Restaurant Forecasting Tools Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

A young man in a suit stands in the restaurant room and looks at his laptop.

Empowering Your Business: The Must-Have Marketing Tools for Restaurants

A restaurant waiter in apron is looking at the camera and smiling.

Dominate Your Local Market: Essential Local SEO Strategies for Restaurants

A restaurant waiter in an apron crosses his arms and looks at the camera while smiling.

Innovative Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Growth

A group of people having a lunch in the restaurant.

How Restaurant Online Ordering Software Transforms Your Business

A group of people taking a piece of pizza from one plate, while having a lunch.

Proven Marketing Strategies: How to Skyrocket Your Restaurant Sales

A girl is working with her laptop laid on her knees.

The Best Restaurant Website Builders for Your Business

A table in the restaurant designed with a flower.

Accelerating Success: Utilizing Restaurant Growth Services in Your Marketing Plan

A laptop is placed on the restaurant table next to a candle and glasses of wine.

Building a Stellar Online Presence: Key Features for Your Restaurant’s Website

Different dishes are placed next to each other.

Leveraging The Most Effective Restaurant Industry Trends in Your Marketing Solutions

Assorted spices on white marble with spoons.

How Restaurant Trends in 2024 Will Impact Your Marketing Strategies 

A people is surfing on quick service restaurant menu with his laptop.

AI-Powered Restaurant Website Builders: Transforming the Culinary Web

A waiter poses for a phone and smiles.

Maximizing Your Local Presence: Restaurant Local SEO Strategies for Business Growth

A person having a lunch at the restaurant.

Elevate Your Restaurant Dining Experience: Introducing the Ultimate Dining Rewards Program

A young girl stares to her laptop smilingly.

From Reviews to Reservations: Navigating Google My Business for Restaurants

Loyalty program paper placed on the table next to a plant.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Loyalty Program Software: A Comprehensive Guide

A girl is having a burger with a smartphone on her hand.

Printed QR Menus: Trust, Memory, and Rising Market Value for Restaurants

A group of people are having a lunch in the restaurant.

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Reputation Management: Nurturing Your Brand Online

A waiter is taking an order from the customer.

Unlocking the Potential of Guest Feedback: Enhancing Your Restaurant’s Reputation

A person is calling with a telephone placed next to a cup of coffee and laptop.

The Power of the Restaurant Survey: Uncovering Insights to Boost Customer Satisfaction

The power of brand drawing with a pencil with arrows.

Branding Beyond the Plate: Essential Marketing Materials Every Restaurant Needs

A smartphone with different dishes in it.

Mastering Online Presence: Yelp Strategies for Restaurant Success

A lot of brochures.

The Impact of Restaurant Brochures: Crafting a Captivating Message for Your Audience

A catering set with different dishes.

Crafting a Winning Caterers Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

A curly-haired girl is showing the chart with a laptop.

The Digital Front Door: Optimizing Your Restaurant’s Google My Business Listing

A coffee-shop blackboard with drawings of different cakes.

Stand Out in the Culinary Crowd: How to List Your Restaurant for Maximum Visibility

'reward' cut out on cork board.

From First Bite to Lasting Loyalty: The Impact of Dining Rewards Programs

A visual representation of a loyalty program.

Rewarding Loyalty: How to Transform Customer Engagement with Points-per-Dollar Programs

A catering set.

Starting a Catering Business: Key Considerations and Best Practices

A laptop is placed on the table and various icons of email are shown on it.

AI-Driven Restaurant Email Marketing: Personalizing Offers & Reservations

A smartphone is placed on someone's hand.

Stay in Your Customer’s Pocket: The Benefits of Restaurant SMS Marketing

A curly-haired girl look at her smartphone smilingly.

Maximizing Diner Engagement: The Rise of Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Set of catering with different types of dishes.

Understanding Catering License: What Every New Business Needs to Know

A curly-haired waiter gives an order to a customer.

The Future of Dining: Why Customer Loyalty Programs are Essential for Restaurants

A finger put on the smartphone.

The Power of Text: How SMS Marketing is Revolutionizing Restaurant Customer Engagement

A catering set with sushi rolls.

How to Start a Catering Business from Home: Tips and Tricks

Someone holds a drawn envelope in front of the laptop and notebook.

Mastering the Strategy: Restaurant Email Marketing Automation for Enhancing Customer Loyalty

A curly-haired lady is happily lookin at her laptop.

Boosting Your Restaurant’s Sales with AI-Powered Email Marketing

A person helps himself from the catering set.

Navigating the Catering Business: Essential Steps for Success

Different types of dishes placed on the table.

How to Start a Catering Business: A Comprehensive Guide

A young man works with his laptop and makes notes.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Using Data-Driven Strategies for Restaurant Financial Management

Young ladies are having dessert with an iced cocktail and a glass of wine.

Advanced Social Media Marketing: Leveraging Social Platforms for Restaurant Growth

A curly-haired young woman holds a tablet and smiles at the camera.

Social Media Strategies for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Online Presence

Group of cooks are having a discussion.

Built to Last: Building a Resilient Business Model for Your Restaurant

A pizza with pesto souse.

Going Green: Implementing Sustainable Practices for Restaurant Growth

A mockup of a lamp circled a small tree growing in the soil.

The Impact of Sustainability on Restaurant Growth

Waiters look at the laptop and have a discussion with happy faces.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Tactics for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Visibility

Waiters look at the laptop and have a discussion with happy faces.

Mastering Restaurant Finances: A Data-Driven Approach

A curly-haired waiter is giving an order to a customer.

Customer Experience Done Right: Success Stories from the Restaurant Industry

A waiter is taking an order from the couple in the restaurant.

Exceeding Expectations: Enhancing Customer Experience to Drive Restaurant Growth

A restaurant table with a glasses of wine and different plates with dishes.

Beyond Traditional Advertising: Innovative Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Expansion

Three cooks are working in the kitchen.

Thinking Big: Strategic Considerations for Scaling Your Restaurant

A cook is making a dish.

Strategic Growth: Success Stories from Expanding Restaurants

A curly-haired young woman holds a tablet and smiles at the camera.

Mastering Restaurant Online Ordering: Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency and Profit

A couple is looking at the menu in the restaurant.

The Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Your Online Ordering System

Group of people are taking a piece of pizza in the restaurant.

Harnessing the Power of AI and Machine Learning for Your Restaurant

Young ladies are having dessert and drinking iced cocktails and a glass of wine.

How Top Restaurants are Using AI and Machine Learning for Growth

A group of cooks are having a discussion with a manager.

Independent Restaurant: 20 New Restaurant Marketing Ideas for 2023 (Checklist)

Seafood dishes are placed on the table next to each other.

Boost Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line: Innovative Menu Management Strategies

A restaurant menu placed on the table with different vegetables.

The Art of Crafting Profitable Restaurant Menus: A Comprehensive Guide

A glass of cocktail placed on the menu in the restaurant table.

The Future of Restaurant Menus: How to Stay Ahead of the Game

A restaurant manager looks at her tablet smilingly.

The Essential Guide to Restaurant Management: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

A curly-haired girl looks at her tablet smilingly.

5 Must-Have Tools to Simplify Your Restaurant Operations

A restaurant staff have a discussion with their manager.

Restaurant Management Best Practices

A couple is looking at the restaurant menu.

How to Attract More Customers with a Well-Designed Restaurant Menu

A menu with a QR code on it is placed on the table with kitchen utensils and some vegetables.

The Future of QR Menus: Emerging Trends to Watch

Someone takes a QR code with a smartphone.

QR Menus? 10 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Use Them

A girl is scanning a restaurant QR code for an online menu.

What are QR Menus, and How Do They Work?

A cashier smiles at the customer.

Quick Guide to POS Payment Processing

A paper bag with plants.

What is Eco-Friendly Delivery? A Quick Guide

A waiter is putting the open sign to the restaurant door.

Independent Restaurants: Are They Worth Taking the Risk?

A delivery guy is looking at his smartphone.

Doordash 101: Ultimate Guide for Restaurants

A girl is surfing on her smartphone.

8 Tips to Grow Your Restaurant Brand on Social Media

A happy man is sitting with his laptop and looking at the smartphone.

A Complete Restaurant Marketing Checklist

A young man is working with a laptop.

4 Local Review Sites That Are Worth Being On

A waiter is talking with a couple in the restaurant.

10 Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas

Someone holds a smartphone.

5 Features to Look For When Choosing a Custom Ordering App

Someone takes a picture of two croissants.

Top Restaurant Instagram Marketing Strategies for 2022 (Updated for 2023)

A cook is adding final additions to a dish.

Why Start a Ghost Kitchen Franchise?

A waiter brings three burgers with French fries.

Restaurant Branding for Franchises: How to Be Consistent and Maintain Brand Image

A young girl is working with her laptop.

Top 5 Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies

A delivery guy gives pizzas to a girl.

What is Last-Mile Delivery and How Does It Impact Customer Satisfaction?

A woman is having lunch in the restaurant and stares somewhere at a phone in her hand.

Simple Guide to Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Happy waiters serving food.

11 Chain Restaurant Advertising Ideas in 2022 (Updated for 2023)

A girl takes a picture of her dinner with her smartphone.

10 Restaurant Takeout Promotion Ideas

A man with beard is talking with a girl in the restaurant.

Top 9 Restaurant KPIs Every Owner Should Measure

A customer is having a vegetable salad in the restaurant.

34 Restaurant Industry Statistics and Trends You Need for 2023

A waiter smiles to camera and poses for a picture.

5 Restaurant Reports Every Business Owner Should Have x UberEats Adds UberEats to Platform

Order package made of paper.

Online Food Orders: Solution or New Problem?

A burger is placed on the table with a red cup in the background.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Meat Consumers & Restaurants

People are having lunch in the restaurant wearing masks.

How Restaurants Can Survive & Thrive During COVID-19

Someone holds a smartphone and works with a laptop.

5 Reasons Why Online Food Ordering is the Future

A restaurant window.

COVID-19 & Restaurant Deliveries

Doctors with masks pose for a picture.

Food For Health