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menu management

Menu Management Master Menu Management system give you complete control over all your menus in one user-friendly place. Menu Sync ™ allows restaurants to link all their menus to an Master Menu and have uniformity across all connected platforms. Saving precious time and money.

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orders consolidation

Orders Consolidation consolidation integrates all your live delivery apps into one simple dashboard and device. Gone are the days of staff bouncing between multiple tablets to fulfill orders. Increase staff productivity and take back your counter space!

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ordering webist restaurant

Custom Ordering Website

Setup your very own commission-free ordering website in minutes! With the help of our expert support team, build the perfect Master Menu and will generate a personalized website in no time! Give your customers a direct-ordering option with loyalty rewards to increase repeat business. Cut out the middleman today!

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user-friendly dashboard

Reporting provides a full reporting suite to all restaurants regardless of size. Review sales statistics, top selling items and even hourly reports. All from one user-friendly dashboard designed to help make tough decisions trivial.

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More Time for Your Customers and Higher Profits

Direct Ordering
Cut out the middlemen and give your customers an easy way to order directly from you without the commission!
Analyze Data Easily
Quickly generate various reports and review only what you need with preset and customizable data filters.
One Device For All Orders
Take back your counter space and save employee time by receiving all your orders into one device!

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Frequently Asked Questions’s integration and setup takes around 1-2 weeks, depending on the current workload. For a more detailed estimate, contact a sales representative. setup is free of charge.

Currently supports Grubhub, Postmates, UberEats, and DoorDash. With many more on the way. Restaurant partners are also encouraged to request new platform integrations.

Once your menu has been created in the Master Menu it is linked to your website and can be live in moments. communicates with delivery apps in multiple ways. We receive order information while sending confirmation & cancellation info, we import and export menus, as well as sales/reports. provides our All-In-One device; equipped with an integrated tablet and ticket printer.

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