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The Fastest Way To Streamline
Your Ghost Kitchen

Two cooks are talking to each other in the kitchen.
Two cooks are talking to each other in the kitchen.
Save time and eliminate stress by having one unified ordering list to access
and fulfill all incoming orders.

All Online Ordering
Platforms Into One
Place offers an expansive integration
system that allows ghost kitchens to
consolidate all online ordering platforms into
one place.
All online ordering
platforms in one
user-friendly device.
Order List
Make servicing hours a
breeze with all brands,
concepts, and platforms
in one unified
ordering list.
Use tools like top
selling items, sales
by provider, and summary
reports to make
data-driven decision
and optimize all
online ordering channels.

Easily Manage Your
Restaurant's Online
Orders With A Single
Device was built from the ground up to
support restaurants of varying sizes.
A waiter with an apron works with a tablet and smiles at the same time.