Who We Are

We help small businesses learn, grow, and succeed team

Being a small business is hard. Growing your restaurant or store is even harder. I feel the hardship you face, the disappointment, and the endless working hours.

I used to operate a small store and every month was a constant iteration of strategies, testing new tools and software and actually getting disappointed. I remember spending 4 months building a website and then realizing that it is not designed correctly.

The reason was my lack of experience and knowledge. It also distracted me from what I enjoyed doing most.

The majority of the restaurant owners I talk to are very passionate about making wonderful dishes and communicating with their customers. Marketing, ordering, and managing online presences are the 3 of the most important points that are often overlooked or simply not being done because of time and financial constraints.

My goal with is to help small and medium-size restaurants grow through our all-in-one delivery and marketing platform. I am sure you can compete with the industry leaders because all you need is a growth mindset and your delicious meal!

Our Values


We help small and medium-sized restaurants innovate and lead rather than playing catch-up.


We facilitate the addition of extra revenue channels for restaurants through software and technology solutions.


We are technology enablers and allow restaurants to concentrate on the thing they enjoy the most - cooking delicious meals


We enable restaurants to focus on what they do best - making delicious food and servicing their customers.

Our founding team

Arsen Stepanyan

Arsen Stepanyan

CEO & Co-Founder

Ashot Bayatyan

Ashot Bayatyan

CTO & Co-Founder

Harry Ayvazyan

Harry Ayvazyan

Head of Business Development


LA California

Los Angeles County, California

United States

Yerevan Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia