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Restaurant AI Dispute

A mobile phone on a person's hand and logos of DoorDash, Caviar, UberEats and Postmates.
A mobile phone on a person's hand and logos of DoorDash, Caviar, UberEats and Postmates.
Chargebacks are increasingly concerning as restaurants shift to e-commerce
with online ordering. offers a restaurant dispute management solution:
our AI chargeback assistant efficiently manages these restaurant disputes,
preserving your revenue and freeing you to focus on running your restaurant business.

how much are
costing you?

Our Revenue Recovery Calculator is engineered to help you understand the impact of disputed orders.

Easy Steps For Accurate Forecasting:

  • State Selection: Tailor the calculator to your restaurant’s location for precise insights.
  • Daily Orders Input: Gauge your average daily orders to reflect your restaurant’s activity.
  • Ticket Size Average: Adjust the slider for an average ticket size to mirror your customer spend.
  • Monthly Analytics: With your data, our calculator provides a snapshot of monthly order dynamics and potential revenue recovery.

Estimated Chargeback Impact:
Receive a customized estimate of your chargeback range, highlighting the financial influence on your monthly revenue.

Eager to reclaim lost revenue from chargebacks?

AI powered

AI Chargeback
Assistant for
your restaurant

Select an Open
Start by visiting the
"New" tab, where all
open chargebacks
awaiting your review
are listed.
Choose a Reason
and Submit
Select the most
applicable reason for
disputing the
chargeback from the
options provided and
submit your dispute.
Completed Cases
Once your dispute
has been processed,
you can track the
outcome under the
"Completed" tab.
3 mobile phones running dispute chargeback management app.
restaurant dispute success rate
increase in restaurant lost chargeback recovery