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5 Reasons Why Online Food Ordering is the Future

Nairi Bodroumian
100 articles
5 min read

What you should know about Online Delivery Services

In the age of the Internet, we live vividly through the screens of our phones. From your next hot date to a steaming plate of Chinese take-out, anything you could possibly think of is a mere click away. When it comes to the food industry, online delivery services have rapidly changed the face of the market, and for a restaurant owner, online is the place to be. From pushing the boundaries of your existing customer base to increasing your revenue, these services have much to explore and a lot to offer.

1. Greater Opportunities

Online is where the opportunities are today. So let us begin with a few statistics to show just how popular online delivery services are. According to Upserve, 60% of consumers in the US order delivery or take-out once a week with 31% using third-party delivery services at least twice a week and 70% of the consumers stating that they’d much rather order directly from a Restaurant.

Having an online presence is the equivalent of giving your customers a friendly wave and introducing yourself to clients who may, otherwise, have never given you a second thought. An online presence without online ordering services, however, seems a waste. What is the point, after all, of tempting your customers with delicious-looking food, if you do not also enable their spontaneous habit of ordering what looks good?

Ordering online is so much easier for all parties involved. In addition to greatly expanding your scope, you can also increase your pool of dedicated patrons with some fabulous customer service. So, seize the opportunity and make the best possible use of technology to expand your business.

2. The Customer is King

In the world that we live in today, our electronic devices are a mere extension of our arms. For the generations that have grown up with technology, being able to order something online is
less a phenomenon and more a simple convenience of day-to-day life. The majority of millennials use their phones for pretty much everything, ordering food included. And it makes complete sense because everything is available at our literal fingertips.

Stuck in traffic and craving Thai curry? Sick of cooking and just craving a good burger? Whatever it is, with online ordering, you can have a hot meal ready and waiting at your doorstep with the click of a button; it is that easy. The thing about the smartphone generation is that if they cannot order from you, they will just find another place to order from.

The data never lies, and almost 60% of restaurant orders from millennials are take-out or delivery. So, capitalize on the massive market of millennials looking for their new favorite take-
out joint. Delivery services, at this point, are just a way of life. It is convenient, easy, and who wouldn’t love to savor their favorite meal in the comfort of their own home. With an online delivery service, cater to the comforts of your customers and watch your restaurant’s popularity surge.

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3.  Super Manageable

What is great about online delivery services is that it is not only a convenience to your customers but also yourself. Let us look at the organizational value, for instance, of having an online platform for your restaurant. You can eliminate the clutter from your workplace as you integrate all administrative work into one single device. All of your orders will be perfectly consolidated in one place, making work much more efficient and productive.

Another perk is the availability of online menus. In addition to being a huge area for cost-saving, these e-menus are much easier to create as well as maintain. Save yourself the trouble of printing new menus in bulk, with a sleek online menu that can be changed, edited, and tweaked whenever the need arises. It gives you a ton of flexibility as you adjust the prices of individual dishes, upload pictures to further tempt visitors, and tailor each item on your menu to your satisfaction.

4. No Errors, No Hassle

When working in a restaurant, it would be natural to assume that the work behind the scenes is hectic, to say the least. Multiple orders, just as many hungry customers to match them and all in as quick of a span of time as possible. To add to this chaos, delivery orders placed via the phone can easily be marred by misunderstandings and the overhead noise. No matter how honest the mistake, an error in the order can be enough to aggravate a customer because when it comes to food, many customers can be unforgiving.

Online delivery services provide a simple solution to your woes. As customers list exactly what they want and how they want it, there is no room for any confusion when it comes to placing the order. You can also significantly cut down on the wait time for food and delivery! Plus, with the
reduced risk of employee error, you will create an overall, pleasurable customer experience.

5. Growth on the Upswing

With an online delivery service at your side, your business has more potential to grow a remarkable extent. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding. About 60% of restaurant operators have experienced that providing delivery services has generated incremental sales and most state that working with a third-party delivery service has been found to boost the volume of restaurant sales by 10-20%.

The results are almost immediate and more that you’d expect. By allowing technology to handle the tedious administrative aspect of running a restaurant, you are left free to pay attention to the details that make the difference between a good restaurant and a great restaurant.

Food, at the end of the day, is meant to be enjoyed. It is about comfort and warmth. With restaurants, you need to create that experience right from the moment the order is placed. And with an online delivery service, you can serve you absolute best all the time.

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