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Designing Your Chinese Menu: Tips and Template Ideas for a Mouthwatering Presentation

Nairi Bodroumian
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3 min read

What makes a great Chinese menu?

Customers visiting your Chinese restaurant for the first time should be impressed by your menu’s presentation and readability. 

Imagine entering a new place and spending considerable time understanding what’s written because of poor printing techniques.

Moreover, the menu sections must be balanced, and it can be challenging to know which part is meant for hot plates and which is for appetizers if they’re not.

Add to these, the rise of digital menus poses another factor to consider. 

Scrolling on mobile phones offers a different experience than flipping through a physical one. 

So, how can independent restaurants maneuver their way into crafting a successful menu?

This guide provides all the essential tips and creative templates you need to create an exceptional Chinese restaurant menu!

Factors to Consider When Designing Digital and Physical Chinese Menus

Whether you decide to go fully digital or incorporate both physical and digital, here are some factors to bear in mind when designing your menus:

Visual Appeal

  • Physical Menu: Consider the layout, color scheme, and font style for an aesthetically pleasing menu design.
  • Digital Menu: Leverage high-quality images and graphics to improve visual engagement on electronic devices.

Organization and Structure

  • Physical Menu: Use bold headings and avoid using Italics too much when describing dishes; it can be hard on the eyes.
  • Digital Menu: Use QR codes for in-person diners and optimize your website for mobile phones to ensure a seamless experience for online users.

Descriptive Language

  • Physical Menu: Use evocative language to describe dishes, invoking the senses and sparking curiosity.
  • Digital Menu: Incorporate concise and engaging, easily readable descriptions on various screen sizes.

Customization and Flexibility

  • Physical Menu: Try new dish ideas during tasting sessions, and use your digital menu to test it before printing many menus. 
  • Digital Menu: Enjoy real-time customization, allowing instant updates and easy adaptation to changing culinary offerings.

Incorporating Cultural Elements

  • Physical Menu: Integrate cultural symbols, artwork, or traditional Chinese calligraphy to enhance authenticity.
  • Digital Menu: Explore multimedia options like videos or interactive elements to immerse online patrons in the Chinese culinary experience.

Categorical Arrangement

  • Physical Menu: Sectioning dishes by categories such as “Dim Sum Delights” or “Chef’s Specialties.”
  • Digital Menu: An intuitive online menu with dropdown menus for easy navigation between appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

20 Template Designs For Your Chinese Menu

Below are 20 Chinese menu template designs for your restaurant. Feel free to customize these ideas to suit your restaurant’s unique style and branding!

1. Classic Elegance

Classic Elegance Chinese Menu Template
  • Simple and clean layout with a traditional Chinese-inspired border. Use a neutral color palette with pops of red for an elegant touch.


2. Modern Minimalism

Modern Minimalism Chinese Menu Template
  • Clean lines, ample white space, and sleek fonts. Incorporate small, subtle Chinese motifs for a modern twist.


3. Watercolor Accents

Watercolor Chinese Menu Template
  • Soft watercolor illustrations of Chinese ingredients or cultural elements. Combine with a clear font for a sophisticated look.


4. Bamboo Delight

Bamboo Chinese Menu Template
  • Background imagery of bamboo shoots or leaves. Pair with a stylish font to create a contemporary and nature-inspired design.


5. Chinese Calligraphy Chic

Chinese Calligraphy Chic Menu Template
  • Use traditional Chinese calligraphy for section headings and dish names. Contrast with a simple, modern font for descriptions.


6. Lantern Glow

Lantern Chinese Menu Template
  • Lantern motifs or illustrations. Employ warm, muted colors to evoke a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


7. Dim Sum Divided

Dim Sum Chinese Menu Template
  • Divide sections with playful Dim Sum illustrations. Keep the overall design light-hearted and fun.


8. Tea Ceremony Theme

Tea Theme Chinese Menu Template
  • Illustrations of traditional Chinese tea sets or teapots. Use calming colors like dark greens and browns for a soothing effect.


9. Lucky Red and Gold

Red and Gold Chinese Menu Template
  • Infuse the design with vibrant red and gold elements, traditionally associated with luck and prosperity.


10. Scroll Style

Scroll Style Chinese Menu Template
  • Mimic the look of an ancient Chinese scroll with faded, textured backgrounds and elegant script fonts.


11. Yin and Yang Harmony

Yin Yang Chinese Menu Template
  • Balance contrasting elements, like dark and light colors, to create a Yin and Yang-inspired menu design.


12. Floral Fusion

Floral Chinese Menu Template
  • Incorporate delicate floral patterns or illustrations, such as cherry blossoms, for a touch of elegance.


13. Chopstick Chic

Chopstick Chinese Menu Template
  • Use chopstick illustrations as dividers between menu sections. Pair with a contemporary font for a modern touch.


14. Oriental Patterns

Oriental Chinese Menu Template
  • Integrate traditional Chinese patterns, like lattice or cloud motifs, for a visually striking menu.


15. Dragon Scales Drama

Dragon Scale Chinese Menu Template
  • Design inspired by dragon scales, using subtle patterns or textures for added depth.


16. Terracotta Minimalist Textures

Terracota Chinese Menu Template
  • Draw inspiration from terracotta warriors with earthy tones and textured backgrounds.


17. Zen Garden Zenith

Zen Garden Chinese Menu Template
  • Create a serene atmosphere with a design reminiscent of a traditional Chinese garden featuring either trees, rocks, or water.


18. Pagoda Panache

Pagoda Chinese Menu Template
  • Use pagoda illustrations or silhouettes as design elements. Combine with a bold font for a strong visual impact.


19. Lantern Festival Vibes

Lantern Festival Chinese Menu Template
  • Illustrations of colorful lanterns inspired by traditional lantern festivals. Opt for a lively color palette.


20. Koi Fish Serenity

Koi Fish Chinese Menu Template
  • Feature graceful koi fish illustrations, symbolizing good luck and perseverance. Use calm, cool colors for a serene ambiance.


Remember to maintain consistency in colors, fonts, and design elements throughout your menu to create a cohesive and visually appealing dining experience for your customers.

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