QR Menu Maker App
Fast, Easy & Free!

A Digital Menu For The Digital Age

Faster Service
Reduce the time needed for staff to take orders by allowing customers to browse a QR menu in advance. Get orders into the kitchen up to 80% faster!
Update Anywhere
Your QR Menu Maker goes where you go. Making on-the-fly updates effortless!
Anyone with a smartphone can view your QR menu whenever they want. Removing the need for a printed menu.

Build your digital menu

Easily share your QR code with customers in-store and online.

Suzy Antonyan

Popularity of Self-Service

Self-checkout and Self Service industries have been growing in popularity since before the pandemic. Customers are favoring the time saved over waiting for service.
Take pictures of
Make a nice image of every menu item. Your clients will see photos when they browse the menu.
Easy Menu Upload
Scan QR Code
& Browse Menu
Print and place QR code on each table. Customers scan the QR code and browse the menu.

Give your customers
the service they deserve

Allow sharing your menu on social media
Instant access to your menu
Grow your reach and exposure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders.co's QR menu app is 100% free for all restaurants & businesses.

Any iOS or Android device is compatible with *QR Menu Maker*.

An in-app menu management feature allows users to create schedules, categories, items, and upload photos from one place.

When viewing your menu in-app, click the QR code icon in the top right corner to display your menu's QR code.

A share button is located the QR code display screen. Copy a website link or download a QR image.

Any iOS or Android device will work with QR Menu Maker.