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Effective Pizza Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Nairi BodroumianNairi Bodroumian
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pizza marketing strategies

The pizza industry is a big part of the U.S. restaurant scene.

Whether customers want to dine in, takeout, or get their pizza delivered, their love for pizza has grown steadily over the past ten years.

In 2022, there were about 44,600 independent pizza places and 35,500 chain pizzerias nationwide. Pizza was the top fast food choice in a 2023 survey.

Why You Need Marketing for Your Pizza Business

With so many places, you must stand out with an effective pizza marketing strategy to attract customers.

Good marketing solutions can help you get noticed, letting people know why they should choose you over others.

By using effective pizza marketing strategies, you can showcase what makes your restaurant unique, whether it’s your special recipes, cozy ambiance, or excellent customer service.

The more people know about your restaurant, the more likely they will order from you.

Finally, good marketing helps in retaining customers. It’s not just about one-time visits; you want people to come back again and again and recommend their friends.

So, let’s learn some simple and effective pizza marketing strategies.

1. Set Up an Online Ordering System

An online ordering system makes it super easy for customers to order their favorite pizza from their phones or computers.

It simplifies ordering, reduces waiting times, and helps you manage orders more efficiently. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Try Orders. co’s Custom Ordering Website, an all-in-one restaurant platform, helps restaurants sell directly to customers without paying commissions with a Custom Ordering Website solution.

Here’s why it’s a great choice for your pizza business:

  • Commission-Free Direct Ordering: allows you to set up a commission-free direct-ordering website, which means more profits.
  • Customizable and Branded: You can choose from up to 10 customizable templates to create a website that reflects your brand and highlights your most profitable menu items and special deals.
  • Exclusive Menus: Create exclusive menus for online orders, encouraging more customers to order directly from your site.
  • Attach Loyalty Programs: Integrate loyalty programs to reward your customers and keep them returning.
  • AI Marketing Features: includes AI-driven marketing tools that allow you to send personalized text messages and emails directly from the website, giving you direct access to your customer base.
  • Direct Ordering: Customers can place orders directly from your website, simplifying the process and making getting their favorite pizzas easier.

2. Let Customers Customize Their Pizza

Customized orders allow them to create perfect pizza, leading to a more enjoyable and personal dining experience.

Customers love being able to choose exactly what they want on their pizza. This makes their meal more special and tailored to their taste.

Besides, customers might be willing to pay extra for the toppings they love.

MOD Pizza, for instance, allows customers to choose from over 40 toppings to create their perfect pizza. This customization model has helped them expand rapidly across the U.S.

Their concept of “individual artisan-style pizzas made on demand” has attracted a loyal customer base that appreciates the ability to personalize their meals.

3. Boost Your Pizza Business with Local SEO Strategies

Getting your pizza restaurant to show up in local Google searches is crucial for attracting new customers and boosting your pizza sales.

When someone searches for “pizza restaurant in the US,” they often see a list of local businesses on Google with photos, ratings, and other details.

If your pizza restaurant appears in this list, it significantly increases your chances of attracting new customers.

So, how do you appear in local searches?

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

  • Complete Your Profile: After you claim and verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing, fill out all details, including your restaurant’s name, address, phone number, business hours, and website. Ensure that this information is consistent with what’s on your website and other directories.
  • Add Attractive Photos: Upload high-quality photos of your restaurant, menu items, and special features. Great visuals grab attention and entice potential customers to choose your restaurant over others.
  • Encourage Reviews: Ask existing customers to leave positive reviews on your GMB profile to make your restaurant more appealing.

Use Local Keywords

  • Include Local Keywords: Incorporate local keywords like “pizza restaurant in [your city]” in your website content, GMB profile, and social media posts to help Google understand where you are located and increase the chances of appearing in relevant searches.
  • Optimize Meta Tags: Use local keywords in your website’s meta titles and descriptions to improve your visibility in local search results.

Get Listed in Online Directories

  • List Your Restaurant: Make sure your pizza restaurant is listed in popular online directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Yellow Pages.
  • Geotag Posts: When posting on social media, use location tags to indicate where your restaurant is. This helps people nearby discover your restaurant when they search for places to eat.
  • Local Hashtags: Use local hashtags to increase your visibility among users looking for recommendations in your area.

4. Use Social Media Marketing

People often search for local businesses on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where eye-catching visuals and positive reviews can be very effective in drawing them in.

Here are some Pizza marketing ideas for social media:

  • Post Mouth-Watering Photos: Social media is a visual platform. When people see mouth-watering photos of your pizzas showcasing different toppings and happy customers enjoying them, they’re more likely to want to visit your pizza shop.
  • Share Behind-the-Scenes Videos: Show how your pizzas are made, from kneading the dough to adding the toppings and baking in the oven. This gives customers a peek into the effort and quality behind each pizza. You can also introduce your team and share stories about the people who make your pizzas.
  • Use Stories and Live Videos: Share daily specials or limited-time offers. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages followers to visit your pizza shop. You can also host live sessions where you show how to make a particular pizza or give tips on cooking.
  • Encourage User-Generated Content: Run a contest asking customers to share their photos of your pizza and tag your restaurant. This creates buzz and expands your reach.

5. Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing can be a game-changer for pizza shops looking to attract new customers and build a loyal customer base.

You can boost your credibility in the restaurant industry by partnering with the right influencers, especially food bloggers.

Influencers, particularly food bloggers, have built trust with their followers. When they recommend your pizza shop or restaurant, their followers are more likely to visit and try your pizza.

Besides, influencers provide authentic reviews and experiences, which resonate more with potential customers than standard advertisements.

Tips for Choosing the Right Influencer:

  • Look for influencers who focus on food and dining. Food bloggers are a great choice because they often have a dedicated following of food enthusiasts who trust their opinions.
  • Micro-influencers may have smaller followings (1,000 to 100,000 followers) but often have higher engagement rates and more personal connections with their audience. They are particularly effective for local businesses like pizza shops because their followers are usually in the same area, which means more potential customers for your restaurant.
  • Look at how engaged their audience is with their content. The number of followers sometimes doesn’t matter. An influencer with high engagement rates is more likely to drive actual visits to your shop or restaurant.
  • Provide the influencer with exclusive discount codes or offers for their followers. This not only incentivizes their audience to try your pizza but also tracks the effectiveness of the collaboration.
  • Consider building long-term relationships with influencers who resonate well with your brand. Regular collaborations can continually attract new customers and keep your pizza business top-of-mind.

6. Boost Your Sales with Email Marketing

This is one of the most powerful marketing strategies to engage with loyal customers and attract new ones.

It allows you to send personalized offers, share updates, and keep your restaurant in mind.

Here’s how to effectively use email marketing to boost your pizza business.

Building an Email List

  • Offer Discounts: Encourage customers to, for example, “Sign up today and get 10% off your next pizza!”
  • Free Items: You can also offer a free item, like a small pizza or dessert, for new signups. This also gives customers a reason to come back.

Data Collection Points

  • In-Store Signups: Place signup forms at the counter or tables in your pizza shop where customers can easily enter their email addresses while they wait for their orders.
  • Online Ordering: When customers order online, add an option to fill in their email address at checkout. You can also include a checkbox for updates and special offers.

Crafting Effective Emails

  • Targeted Promotions: Use customer data to send personalized offers. For instance, if customers frequently order pepperoni pizza, send them a special deal on their favorite pizza.
  • Birthday Discounts: Send birthday greetings and offer a special discount for their celebration. This adds a personal touch and encourages repeat business.

Seasonal Campaigns

  • Holiday Promotions: Create campaigns around Christmas, Halloween, or local events. Offer special deals or limited-time menu items to attract new customers.
  • Local Events: Tie your promotions to local festivals or sports events. Offer a “game day” special for a local team’s match or a holiday-themed pizza for community events.

Automating Email Campaigns

  • Automated Greetings: Set up a welcome email that automatically sends when someone joins your email list. This should include a friendly introduction and any promised signup incentives.
  • Introduction to Your Pizza Shop: Include information about your menu, special offers, and loyalty programs. This helps new subscribers get familiar with your pizza shop right away.

Re-engagement Campaigns

  • Target Inactive Customers: Send emails to customers who haven’t ordered in a while, offering a special discount to encourage them to return.
  • Survey Emails: Ask for feedback or offer a quick survey to find out why they haven’t been ordering. This shows that you care about their experience and want to improve.

7. Offer Unique Pizza Options

Offer pizzas tailored to niche preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, or gourmet creations.

This is one of the best ways to distinguish your establishment in a competitive market.

Showcasing your innovation with gourmet toppings or regional specialties can create buzz on social media, attract food enthusiasts, and gain positive reviews, which can attract new customers.

Diversity in Pizza Offerings

  • Gluten-Free: Offer gluten-free crust options with a variety of toppings to appeal to customers with gluten sensitivities or preferences.
  • Vegan Pizza: Create pizzas with dairy-free cheese and plant-based toppings like roasted vegetables or vegan sausage.
  • Gourmet Creations: Experiment with gourmet toppings such as truffle oil, prosciutto, arugula, or figs to attract food enthusiasts seeking elevated dining experiences.
  • Regional Specialties: Feature pizzas inspired by international cuisines or local flavors, showcasing unique ingredients and cultural influences.

8. Reach Your Customers through PPC Ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) pizza advertising can significantly boost your pizza sales by placing your ads at the top of search results when hungry customers are actively looking for a meal.

During peak times like lunch and dinner hours, PPC ads are especially effective in capturing the attention of local customers searching for pizza delivery or takeout options.

Setting Up Your PPC Campaign

  • Select Platform: Choose a PPC platform like Google Ads or Bing Ads that best suits your target audience and budget.
  • Campaign Creation: Start by creating a new campaign and selecting goals that align with your business objectives, such as increasing online orders or driving traffic to your website.
  • Find Keywords: Use keyword research tools to find terms that potential customers search in your area, such as “pizza delivery near me” or “best pizza in [your city].”
  • Bid Strategy: Set your bids based on keyword competitiveness and the value of attracting local customers to your restaurant.
  • Crafting Headline and Description: Write clear and enticing headlines that include keywords and highlight your unique selling points, like “Fresh, Hot Pizza Delivery in [Your City]!” Keep descriptions concise and focused on what sets your pizza apart.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Include a strong CTA, such as “Order Now” or “Call for Delivery,” to prompt potential customers to take action.
  • Targeting Your Audience: Specify the geographic area where you want your ads to appear.
  • Demographic Targeting: Consider factors like age, gender, and interests to refine your audience targeting and reach customers most likely to convert.
  • Monitor Performance: Regularly review your campaign metrics, such as click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

9. Collaborate with Local Businesses to Boost Your Pizza Sales

Partnering with local businesses is one of the smartest pizza marketing ideas because it creates a synergistic relationship that leverages each business’s customer base to drive mutual growth.

When you collaborate with nearby establishments, you tap into a pool of loyal customers who already trust those businesses.

This trust can extend to your pizza restaurant, making it easier to attract new customers who might not have considered your place otherwise.

Here’s how you can effectively collaborate with nearby businesses as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Build Strong Relationships: Establish relationships with nearby businesses, such as cafes, breweries, or retail stores. Offer to provide pizza for their events or meetings in exchange for them promoting your restaurant to their customers.
  • Co-Host Events: Team up with local businesses to co-host events, such as pizza and beer pairing nights with a local brewery or pizza and movie nights with a community theater. These events attract new customers and create a fun and engaging community atmosphere that can make your restaurant a local favorite.
  • Offer Exclusive Deals: Create exclusive deals or discounts for employees of nearby businesses. For example, you can offer a “lunch special” discount for employees working in nearby offices or a “dinner deal” for families shopping in local stores. Local workers and shoppers will likely choose your pizza for their meals, increasing your customer base and sales.
  • Cross-Promotions: You can place flyers or coupons for your pizza restaurant in local establishments and offer to display their promotional materials in your restaurant.
  • Charity and Community Involvement: You can donate pizza for a local fundraiser or collaborate on a community project. This strengthens your ties with the community and improves your restaurant’s reputation as a supportive and involved local business.
  • Joint Loyalty Programs: Create a joint loyalty program with other local businesses where customers can earn rewards for visiting multiple participating locations. For instance, if they buy coffee at a nearby café and pizza from your restaurant, they earn points that can later be used as discounts for items.

Grow Your Pizza Business with

We’ve explored various practical pizza marketing ideas, from PPC advertising to local business collaborations.

These strategies help your pizza restaurant stand out, attract new customers, and boost sales. However, implementing these ideas effectively requires the right tools and support. That’s where comes in. offers powerful solutions tailored for pizza restaurant owners. With the order consolidation system, you can manage all your online orders from various delivery apps on one device.

For menu management, provides a centralized solution that lets you update your menu across all third-party apps from one place. Add or remove items, update prices, and ensure your menu is always current. With AI assistance, you can even generate ingredient descriptions, making it simple to keep your menu fresh and appealing.

Schedule a free demo with today to see how these solutions can work for you.

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