Jonah's Kabob’s success story

Cooperation with made Slash Pizza’s commission-free website the top revenue generator
in just 3 months. With a total revenue increase of 73% across all online ordering. Armond has shifted
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Customers Situation

Jonah’s Kabob is a newer restaurant established to offer customers classic mediterranean food with a modern convenient twist. After building a simple menu with quality ingredients, they set out to grow a customer base. From previous experience Suzy knew that delivery apps and online ordering could be of great help here.


The Challenge

After a few weeks of managing orders and menus across multiple delivery platforms, it became clear to Suzy that something had to be done. They were spending excessive amounts of time just to add one new menu item across all these platforms and kept discovering inconsistencies in their menus. The lack of a direct ticket printer for orders was also delaying the food preparation process which caused issues with drivers. solution Solution

After partnering with, Suzy signed up for the Premium Plan. Integrating all of Jonah’s delivery apps into one platform. Allowing for easy order management and immediate ticket printing with a standardized format. Menus were consolidated into one uniform Master Menu; completely eliminating the need to access each provider individually. Their Master Menu was also used to create a commission-free ordering website to generate additional revenue.

Suzy Antonyan
Johna’s Kabob
Suzy Antonyan - Manager
I love how the work process became smoother after we started working with One of the coolest features is that you can edit and customize your online menu with a touch of a few buttons and it’s ready to go.

Johna's Kabob express was struggling maintaining
3 separate tablets with limited counterspace.

Jonah’s was a new restaurant just starting out. Thus, focusing on their food & menu were of the highest priority. They needed a solution that allowed them to manage their online ordering easily so they could get their business off the ground running.
While at a previous employer, a manager of Jonah’s was exposed to the system. He quickly realized how easy it was to use and the time it would save them managing online ordering. He vowed the next restaurant he worked in would use
Thus, Jonah’s Kabob was born and from it’s earliest days, facilitated their online ordering. With a uniform Master Menu, Jonah’s was able to expand from 1 to 4 delivery app providers and increase their revenue by 40% in 1 month. All while only having to maintain one platform for their orders, menus, and reports.

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