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Pops Creamery’s success story

A guy wears glasses and looks at the camera while talking.
A guy wears glasses and looks at the camera while talking.
With the implementation of, Marthin has eliminated any revenue loss from soldout flavors.
His staff only spend ¼ of the time managing his delivery apps and he’s seen revenue increase
across all 3 locations. Free from the stress of online ordering, Marthin is able to focus on what he
loves. Crafting new and exciting recipes to delight his loyal customers.

we treat our
customers as our

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no time with just
your menu.
Cut out the middlemen
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A cashier serves to a customer smiling at each other.
A guy wears glasses and looks at the camera while talking.
Pops Creamery
One of the coolest features is that you can edit and customize your online menu with a touch of a few buttons and it’s ready to go. I love how the work process became smoother after we started working with

Pops express was struggling maintaining
3 separate tablets with limited counterspace.

Over the last few years, his vision has grown with the addition of two new locations. But despite his success, there was one problem that has been a consistent thorn in his side. The use of delivery apps has been a welcomed source of additional revenue and provides new customers an easy avenue to try Marthin’s Ice Cream. Managing the menus for those apps has proven difficult because of his business model.
Offering small batch artisanal flavors, while enticing for customers, sellout quickly when spread over 3 locations. Orders were being missed or rejected due to inventory shortages. Staff would forget to update one of the delivery apps or all of them entirely. Causing a loss of revenue and dissatisfied customers.
Soon after Marthin discovered and realized with app integration and Master Menu Management, he could eliminate this issue for good. Now with, he has all his delivery apps integrated into one device where his staff can make availability updates to specific menu items to all connected platforms at once. Marthin can also monitor the performance of all his shops from one admin account.

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